Our Danville Family Dentistry staff often tell patients, in person and on our blog, why it’s important to see a dentist regularly. But still over 100 million Americans (including some Hendricks County residents, we’re sure) don’t see a dentist each year, according to the American Dental Association. 100 million people! That’s a lot!
Just because you brush your teeth twice a day and floss (maybe?) once a day, doesn’t mean you don’t have to see a dentist. Regular dental visits help you to prevent cavities, tooth loss and gum disease as well as other serious health problems like diabetes, stroke, dementia and heart disease.
But how do you know if you’ve waited too long to see a dentist? Here are 5 signs that you need to make an appointment today with Danville Family Dentistry, located in Hendricks County, Indiana.

  1. Your tooth hurts. Tooth pain can indicate you have cavity or something else going on. Even if the pain goes away after a couple of days, you should still see a dentist to figure out what caused the pain in the first place – because the problem is likely still there.
  2. Your gums are sore, swollen and bleeding. Bacteria in your mouth forms plaque on your teeth and under your gum line, causing your gums to become inflamed. Swollen and inflamed gums are often a sign of gum disease which can lead to tooth loss if it’s not treated early enough.
  3. Your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold. Several things can cause tooth sensitivity, including tooth decay, gum disease and teeth grinding. When the dentin or soft layer of a tooth is exposed, hot and cold foods can trigger pain in the tooth’s pulp or nerve center. Dr. Jon Erickson needs to determine the cause of your tooth sensitivity to develop a treatment plan.
  4. You have persistent bad breath. Poor oral care and other medical conditions can cause chronic bad breath. See a dentist to figure out what’s causing your bad breath and treat it before it gets beyond the point of repair.  
  5. You have a spot or sore that doesn’t look or feel right in your mouth – and it’s not going away. Spots or sores can be caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections, or oral cancer. The most common sores are cold sores, canker sores, thrush or leukoplakia (a thick white or gray patch). See a dentist right away since each type of mouth sore requires a different treatment. And if the spot is oral cancer, early diagnosis and treatment will increase your chances of survival.

Never ignore these symptoms or others affecting your teeth and gums since they can lead to more serious problems. Make an appointment to see Dr. Jon Erickson at Danville Family Dentistry by calling 317-745-4400. Dr. Erickson wants to ensure that all Hendricks County residents have healthy mouths with no problems.