You can be a great patient! Patients at a dental office might assume their provider lumps them all into one of two categories: good or bad. A “good” patient always maintains a perfect dental regimen, has never been less than 15 minutes early for his dental appointments, believes every word his dentist tells him without question, and is constantly friendly and outgoing. A “bad” patient forgets to brush regularly and certainly never uses floss, shows up on the wrong day or hours late for appointments, argues with everything the dentist says, and is grumpy toward staff and other patients.
Obviously this is a huge exaggeration. Rarely does a patient do everything right or everything wrong. All patients come to us at Danville Family Dentistry with individual strengths and weaknesses in regards to dental care. Some patients are uncomfortable or scared of dental work, others pass through with flying colors. Some are talkative, some naturally more quiet and reserved. Some are inquisitive, requiring more information than others. These attributes do have an effect on our interaction with our patients. We recognize that each patient is different, and we work to meet the unique needs of the individual in developing a personal dental plan.
There are things you can do to help us meet your specific needs. The most important are BE HONEST and COMMUNICATE. In order to form a personal dental plan that provides you with the most satisfying dental experience possible, we need to know what you like and don’t like, how you prefer to be interacted with, and what makes you uncomfortable. Please tell us how we can be our best and let you be a great patient!