Do you have kids who fight tooth (pun intended) and nail when it comes to scheduling a dentist appointment? We understand, which is why at Danville Dentistry, our team offers the highest level of comfort and care to our smallest patients.

First, let’s understand why your kids are afraid of the dentist.


Why Are Kids Afraid of the Dentist?


The fear of the dentist is a common fear, especially in children. But why are kids afraid of the dentist? Well, no child is born fearful of the dentist. Here are five main reasons your kids might be afraid of sitting in the dentist’s seat.

Fear of the unknown. If during the first visit to the dentist’s office your child is afraid, this is usually because they are scared of the unknown or, perhaps, they’ve heard bad things about dentists throughout their lives. In some cases, these stories have come from parents, friends, or relatives.

If in preparing your child for a dental visit, you use phrases like “It won’t hurt,” you are actually conveying to your child that it may, in fact, be painful. This can cause anxiety and fear.

Fear or discomfort in the violation of personal space.All oral care treatments require the invasion of personal space. This can be a new and uncomfortable experience for your kids. Especially lying in a vulnerable position with their mouths open.

Fear of loss of control. By having parents make the decision to send their child to see a dentist, the visit starts out with the child not having any control over the situation. Kids are afraid of the dentist because they may feel helpless. Our dentists know how to soothe your children and make them feel safe and in control of the situation.

Lack of confidence.Trust is defined as the security we have that the other person will fulfill his promise. For example, if a dentist promises something won’t hurt, but it does, that trust is broken. This could cause your child to distrust all dentists. Beyond the self-confidence developed by your kids, the comments of parents, friends, and family also influence them. So, trust is a significant factor in avoiding the fear of dental treatment, and parents should help create it.

Fear of pain.Despite the many advances that dentistry has made, dental treatments can still cause some discomfort, so that the fear of pain is then legitimized. Sometimes you may bring your child in because they are currently experiencing pain, but mostly children are afraid of the unknown pain that that history has attributed to dentists and their treatments.

Most importantly, communicate with your children. Find out why they are scared. Perhaps it’s a fear that you can put to rest. Maybe it’s a fear that Danville Dentistry can put to rest. If your kids are afraid of the dentist, simply let us know when you book an appointment by calling 317-745-4400. We’ll make sure our superstar team takes this into account and does everything they can to help your children overcome their fear of the dentist.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.