New book bag, pens, paper, notebooks, crayons and more! You probably have your family back to school list almost completed. Is it possible you forgot something? One item that is important to remember as you make plans for the new school year is scheduling your child’s annual dental check-up. The beginning of a new school year is a great reminder that your child is another year older and, unfortunately,  lazy summer days can create bad dental habits in children so it’s important to schedule a dental check up for your child as part of your regular back to school routine.
Regular check ups and cleanings are essential to maintaining great oral health for your children. While brushing and flossing are important at home, there’s no substitute for a trip to your local dentist to remove tartar and professional examination with a pediatric dentist.
With the school year just beginning it’s a great time to look at your child’s school calendar and pick dates that will conveniently fit into breaks or holidays so your child won’t miss any more school than necessary. Give us a call we’ll be happy to help get your child’s school year off on to a fresh, clean start!
Here are some easy tips to keep your child’s smile bright and shiny this school year:
1. Buy the right toothpaste.  It’s best to purchase toothpaste with fluoride to keep teeth healthy and strong.
2. Always brush teeth after lunch. Children can easily stash a toothbrush in their desk or backpack.
3. Floss twice a day. Flossing regularly is important so that food doesn’t have a chance to damage your teeth during the night.
4. Have fun with dental care. There are several great dental products on the market to make dental care a fun game with kids. Be on the look out for these. Also try little games to make it a fun routine.