6:00 AM for coffee drinkers. The alarm goes off and your first thought is “I need have some coffee!” You stumble past the bathroom, down the hall  and into the kitchen where you programmed your coffee pot to start brewing at 5:45 so it would be ready and waiting for you. You reach for a mug in the semi-dark and pour your first cup of the day almost without looking. You sip as quickly as possible given the  high temperature of the brew and think, “NOW I can start my day!”
Okay, maybe that’s not your exact routine, but it’s typical in many households. There are those folks who have always been “coffee drinkers.” They love coffee! They NEED the first cup of the day. They want the second cup and really like the third, fourth, and fifth cup. But they probably have no idea all this time of what this seemingly magical, energy-supplying substance  is doing to their teeth!
Coffee stains teeth: a fact most people know.  Anything created to be naturally white in color is going to be affected by repeated application of dark material. With teeth, the most detrimental seem to be red wine, tea, and — sadly enough — coffee. The acidity of these substances attacks the enamel surfaces of teeth, exposing them to discoloration.
Unfortunately, the complications don’t end there. Regular coffee drinking causes plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, particularly if you sweeten your coffee. This build up can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, exacerbated by fact that the caffeine in coffee lowers saliva production, which reduces your mouth’s ability to rinse itself.
If you aren’t prepared to eliminate coffee from your diet altogether, there are a few helpful hints for coffee drinkers that can slow the progression of the dental issues this habit can cause. Limit your coffee intake to 2 or 3 cups a day. Don’t sweeten your coffee, or sweeten as little as possible. Drink a glass of water with your coffee to combat dehydration of salivary glands. Brush your teeth after drinking coffee. And, of course, see your dentist for regular dental cleanings!