Yes. Professional teeth cleaning is recommended every 6 six months. It’s the best way to remove the tartar that’s trapping plaque bacteria, but the frequency varies according to the health of your teeth and gums. Healthy children and adults may need cleaning only once every year or so while smokers or those prone to gum infections and disease should visit the dentist just a bit more often. Preventative dental care is very important and whether you’re in good oral health or in need of some immediate attention, even a general cleaning can be a very uncomfortable thought for many patients.
So what’s different about us? Julie and Teresa provide excellent cleanings with a gentle touch! And their personal interest in your well-being is obvious. It’s not uncommon to bump into either of them around town and pick up a conversation right where you left off during your last visit. When you visit Danville Family Dentistry, it’s like coming to see a friend.