According to an article by Life Enhancement magazine, oral hygiene issues can be traced back two million years. Human remains from as early as 3700 B.C. reveal tooth removal. Even back then, the lack of brushing and flossing had the same result it does today.
Danville Family Dentistry wants our Hendricks County patients to always be aware of the fact that your teeth can last your lifetime if you make a serious commitment to oral hygiene.  For mature adults, it is important to pay attention to common dental problems that may become more risky with age:

  • The root surface of your teeth may become more vulnerable to decay and cavities. As we age, the gum line naturally begins to recede. You might notice problems with this if your teeth are more sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks, cold air, and sweet or sour foods. If you experience this oral hygiene issue, you should first try a toothpaste especially made for sensitive teeth. If you still don’t find relief, contact our Hendricks County office. You may have a cracked or fractured tooth.
  • Seniors more frequently experience dry mouth. Very often, this condition is a side effect of certain medications or treatment for serious medical conditions, such as cancer. Left untreated, dry mouth can actually cause damage to your teeth. So make sure to accurately share your medical history and any ongoing medical treatment with the staff at Danville Family Dentistry. We will be happy to recommend various methods to add more moisture to the inside of your mouth. We can also provide you with medications to prevent the dental problems associated with dry mouth.
  • Although gum disease can develop at any age, it is more prevalent in patients over 40. The culprit for gum disease may be one or a combination of the following factors: poor diet, poor oral hygiene, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, excessive stress, or certain medications.

As always, your best ammunition against oral health problems is to brush your teeth at least twice every day with a fluoride toothpaste. Floss daily. And make an appointment for regular check-ups and professional cleanings by calling Danville Family Dentistry’s Hendricks County office at 317-745-4400. Good oral hygiene can lower your risk of common dental issues like those mentioned above.