Patients often come to us with teeth that are cracked, badly chipped or decayed. Others have aging fillings that have extensive damage hiding beneath them. For this kind of damage sometimes dental crowns may be recommended. Crowns can be fabricated from gold alloys, porcelain, zirconia, or combinations of these materials.

Dental crowns applied step by step

Crowns typically take two appointments. At the first appointment Dr. Erickson will prepare the tooth by removing just enough tooth structure to allow space for the crown to fit on top of the tooth. We will then take an impression that will be sent to the lab for fabrication of the crown.  In the meantime we will cement a temporary crown on top of the prepared tooth in order to protect your tooth and gums.

At the second appointment we will simply remove the temporary and clean the tooth.  We will then make minor adjustments if needed to get the crown to fit your surrounding teeth perfectly.  Once you have a chance to evaluate and test the crown out you will be able to give your consent to cement the crown or discuss anything that you may not like.  Once you have given your consent we will permanently cement the crown in place.

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