Oral surgery is a specialized branch of dentistry. Many general dentists are not comfortable with even the most basic oral surgery procedures. Dr. Erickson has taken several continuing education courses so that he is more comfortable and able to perform many procedures that other general dentists refer to another office.

Even if you simply need a tooth removed, you can be sure that our warmth and compassion will put you at ease. There are several reasons for tooth removal, the most common being severe tooth decay or disease. If you are experiencing severe pain, or you have a tooth that is so severely decayed that the structure of the tooth has been eroded, we can offer relief with a dental extraction, especially if the tooth cannot be restored by other dental means.

Dr. Erickson also performs other surgical procedures as well; including, but not limited to gingivectomies (removal of excess gums), frenulectomies (clipping of lip attachments), uncovering and exposure of unerupted teeth for orthodontic purposes, and biopsies of soft tissue.

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