Dentures can be an excellent option for Hendricks County residents who want to replace a few or all their missing teeth. They can improve your appearance while helping you chew and talk better. But, have you recently noticed your dentures slipping when eating or talking? Have they been rubbing against you gums, causing sores to develop? When these signs occur, it means your dentures aren’t fitting you as well as they should.
They shouldn’t cause pain or be uncomfortable. They should fit snugly on your gums and not slide around. When they are ill-fitting, they can cause swelling and soreness in your mouth. If they’re not fixed, you may experience even more pain and possibly get an infection.

You may wonder what can cause your dentures to quit fitting correctly. Here are several reasons:

New Dentures

If you’ve just gotten new dentures, you may need to visit Danville Family Dentistry a few times to get them adjusted correctly. After you get teeth removed, your gums will swell. Plus, the shape of your jaw will change as you heal. You need to be patient and give your mouth time to mend. Also, your new dentures may feel funny to begin with until you get used to them. After time and some adjustments at our Hendricks County office, they should start to feel more comfortable.

Mouth Changes

Your dentures were made to fit your mouth at a specific time in your life. As you get older, not only does your body change, your mouth changes, too. Over time, your jawbones change shape and position. If you’ve had swelling due to gum disease, the shape of your jaws and gums can change from that as well. All these changes can affect the fit of your dentures. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict when changes in your mouth will occur. So, pain and slippage are usually the first signs.

Health Issues

Medical conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer can cause changes to the shape of your mouth, affecting the way your dentures fit. Additionally, medications can cause dry mouth that affects fit. If you have arthritis, you may have difficulty properly cleaning them, which can cause plaque buildup that affects how your they fit. Therefore, if you have any medical conditions, it’s important to visit Dr. Jon Erickson regularly to ensure everything fits well.

Denture Damage

Just like your natural teeth, dentures are prone to chipping, cracking, and other damage. Chips, fractures, or bent or missing clasps or teeth can make them uncomfortable to wear. With regular visits to Danville Family Dentistry, we can fix these issues before they cause discomfort or painful sore spots.

What Can You Do if You Notice Your Dentures Aren’t Fitting Well any More?

To proactively prevent denture problems, visit Danville Family Dentistry at least once a year. Dr. Erickson can evaluate your mouth and bite, assess your changing medical history, clean your dentures, and recommend any repairs or replacement that are needed. Most dentures can be repair or re-lined to enable a better fit. Therefore, if you notice your dentures are slipping or you have mouth sores, contact our Hendricks County office immediately at 317-745-4400 and schedule an appointment. Don’t live with discomfort! Ill-fitting dentures can be fixed.
Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.