We can learn everything we want with the tap of a button these days. Google is king. However, just because you understand how something works, doesn’t mean you can put that knowledge to practical use. Especially when it comes to healthcare and dental care.

It’s appealing for all DIY’ers to get things done from the comfort of their own home, in their own time. However, dental treatment is one thing you should never attempt to do on your own. Here’s why.


A Toothache is a Mystery


If your tooth, mouth, tongue, or gums are hurting, the pain could be caused by a hundred different things. Dentists are required to have years of intensive education to diagnose and treat pain properly. Not Google nor WebMD can replace this kind of training.

Would you hire a butcher to fix your car, even if they watched a bunch of how-to videos? Would you prefer a carpenter cater your wedding because they can read a recipe? No way! So why trust your oral health to online expertise? Danville Family Dentistry knows the importance of saving time and money, so don’t let your mysterious toothache turn into something more severe.


Choosing Charcoal


You’ve probably seen a lot of advertisements surrounding charcoal teeth whitening. The kits are usually cheap and can be shipped right to your door, quickly. The problem with charcoal is that it doesn’t whiten teeth. Not only does it not whiten your teeth, but it also has to ability to actually damage your tooth structure. If you have questions about brightening up your smile, call us instead. Avoid DIY dentistry and don’t take any chances when it comes to tooth care.


One Size Does Not Fit All


There are tons of online services that promise to 3D scan your mouth or send you a kit to take your own teeth impressions, promising to straighten teeth. DIY dentistry is never worth the time or money saved. These kits are sent to thousands of people, all with different needs and wants. It’s always best to make an appointment with your dentist and let them know what you’re thinking about doing. You’ll be surprised to know we offer payment plans and lots of treatment options.


You Don’t Have to Live with Pain


If you rely on your DIY research skills to relieve pain, you may find that over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or Orajel don’t do the trick. If you have pain that isn’t diminished with an at-home treatment, it’s likely there is a serious problem. You may need to see a professional to get antibiotics or get an abscess drained. Not having a professional treat this oral health issue can lead to severe consequences.


Instead of DIY Dentistry…


…give us a call us today at 317-745-4400. No matter your situation or emergency status, we’ll make room for you in our dental family.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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