Every day is parade day in many neighborhoods and the area where this family dentist lives is no different. The good weather brings out moms and dads and grandparents with strollers and wagons occupied by new and growing babies and toddlers out for some fresh air.
As a family dentist, I get lots of questions from parents about dental hygiene for their children – and we love it. We love it because we know that building a long-term relationship with a family and all the children in the family can mean a healthier dental experience in the long run for everyone.

Start early with a family dentist

For instance, even newborns can become accustomed to gentle cleaning of the mouth and gums with a damp cloth or gauze after feeding. When the teeth begin to appear, continue the practice with a soft-bristled brush. Eventually, as the child becomes able, he takes over the brushing. Cleaning the mouth and brushing teeth becomes a healthy habit that is automatic.
We see children as young as two-years-old in our office. Some come with older siblings for regular checkups and services such as flouride treatments and sealants that help prevent tooth decay and problems in the future. We also spend time educating children about what they should do to care for their teeth.
Another benefit of early visits and care by a family dentist is that the child becomes familiar and comfortable with the dentist. Not only does the child get comfortable through regular visits, we have a history of the child’s teeth and oral health, which means we can attend to any developing problems before they escalate.

A family dentist is for the whole family at every age

The question asked of a family dentist are about dental hygiene and care change as a child grows and gets their first teeth, then loses them and the permanent teeth begin to appear. After that, we are asked questions about braces and wisdom teeth start to arise. Before you – and I – know it, they are adults and bringing in their children and asking the same sorts of questions you asked as a parent.
In a dental practice like Danville Family Dentistry, we care for the entire family throughout every stage of life. We provide for the special needs of infants and toddlers to the different needs of grandparents and everything in between. Having a family dentist you know, and who knows you, makes caring for your teeth a comfort. You don’t have to explain what’s happened in the past because we were there, too.
Let us get to know you and your family today!