Unfortunately, root canals have been given a bum rap. Just mention to your Hendricks County pals that you’re going to the dentist for one and people cringe. Plus, how many times have you heard people say, “I’d rather have a root canal,” when talking about an unpleasant situation?
But root canals really aren’t as bad as everyone thinks. With the use of advanced technologies in imaging, dental tools and anesthesia, painful root canal treatments are a thing of the past. And, teeth that may have been pulled in the past can now be saved.
However, many misconceptions about root canal treatment continue to persist; and here are four of the most common myths.
Myth #1: Root canals are painful. 
Root canal treatment used to cause pain decades ago, but this isn’t true anymore with today’s technology and medications. In fact, root canal treatment usually relieves any pain you may be experiencing prior to the procedure, especially if your tooth is infected. During a root canal, Dr. Erickson will use anesthetic to completely numb your teeth, gums, tongue and skin in the treatment area, so you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Then he will remove the diseased, damaged tissue (pulp) within your tooth that’s been causing you pain. You’ll return to your Hendricks County home feeling much, much better!
Myth #2: Root canals are time consuming. 
Many people (even those in Hendricks County) postpone or cancel their root canal treatment, because they think it’s going to take too long or several appointments to complete. But at Danville Family Dentistry, we use the latest technological procedures that enable us to perform your root canal usually in only one visit.
Myth #3: I’ll lose the tooth anyway, so why bother?  
Some people will suffer through their tooth pain, instead of having root canal treatment, because they think they’re just going to lose the tooth anyway. But the whole point of root canal therapy is to save your tooth. With a well-fitted crown and proper dental care, there’s no reason why your tooth shouldn’t last your lifetime.
Myth #4: I’ll just get my tooth pulled instead of having a root canal.  
While a dental bridge, dentures or implants are an option following tooth extraction, it really is best that you try to save your natural teeth, if possible. Your natural teeth help you chew more efficiently as you dine at the many Hendricks County eateries while maintaining a healthy, more natural-looking smile. Plus, root canal treatment is often more cost-effective and less time consuming than other dental options.
At Danville Family Dentistry, we want you to have as much information as possible, so you can make informed decisions about your dental care. If you still have any concerns regarding root canal therapy, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, dispel any misconceptions, and alleviate your concerns. Providing for the dental health of Hendricks County residents in a caring, compassionate environment is our No. 1 priority.