Many people, including residents of Hendricks County, consider a person’s smile to be the most important physical feature about them. Healthy smiles can make lasting impressions on other people, and they can even contribute to people’s overall success. But for people who don’t have dental insurance, healthy smiles may be hard for them to maintain.
For many people, a lack of dental insurance often means a lack of routine dental care, which is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. During regular dental visits at the Hendricks County office of Danville Family Dentistry, Dr. Jon Erickson evaluates the health of your teeth and gums, looking for cavities, loose teeth and gum disease. Also, Dr. Erickson or one of our dental hygienists will clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup.
Plaque is a film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth and gets under your gum line. The acids in this bacteria can damage the enamel of your teeth and lead to cavities. Additionally, these bacterial acids can cause you to develop gum disease, which inflames your gums and can lead to an infection. Untreated cavities and gum disease can cause you to lose your teeth, leaving you with an unattractive smile.
While the lack of dental insurance may have prevented healthy smiles in the past, that’s no longer the case, thanks to Danville Family Dentistry’s Smile Savings Plan. This plan enables qualified patients to take advantage of our full range of dental services we offer. While this program is not dental insurance, it does provide members with a set amount of dental services for a year at one annual rate. Routine dental services include:

  • 2 professional dental cleanings.
  • 2 professional oral evaluations.
  • Regularly scheduled radiographs or X-rays.

Plus, members also receive 15% off other dental procedures provided by Danville Family Dentistry. So if you need a filling, a crown or dentures to help you maintain your healthy smile, you’ll be eligible to receive this care at a discounted rate.
The annual cost to join the Smile Savings Plan is:

  • $275 for adults.
  • $275 for children (16 and under). Children also receive 2 fluoride treatments a year as part of their membership.

To qualify for this exclusive program, you must be without dental insurance. Also, all dental treatment must be paid for with cash, check or credit card before your treatment begins.
Don’t go another day not feeling great about your smile. Contact Danville Family Dentistry’s Hendricks County office at 317.745.4400 for more information and to sign up for the Smile Savings Plan today! Remember: Healthy smiles are obtainable – even if you don’t have dental insurance.