We all know that, most of the time, you can easily search for and find a dentist located in or near your Hendricks County community. But there’s more to finding a great dentist than just having them located close by.

  • Can you find a dentist office that feels like a second home?
  • When you need a cleaning, does your dental experience include walking into the office and the staff knowing you by name?
  • Can you trust that your dentist will move mountains on an emergency basis to see you when you have a killer toothache?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of those questions, then sadly, you must admit that you’re not a patient at Danville Family Dentistry. Our dental team takes great pride in studying all the latest advancements in dental health. Then we share these new options with our patients. We also take the time to educate you about your dental health. Our hygienists are professionally trained and dedicated to providing your family with ongoing care. We ask our patients the right questions so we can always understand and update your dental history while offering you individualized treatment. Our happy Hendricks County patients appreciate the fact that we treat every mouth of every size in your family. Many of our patients bring everyone from their household or even extended family to our office. So we know the history of your toddler’s first dental exam, Susie’s braces, mom’s root canal, dad’s chipped incisor and grandpa’s dentures. Because of your commitment to your own dental health, our team provides you with preventive dental care. That’s how we can quickly diagnose and treat cavities, the onset of periodontal disease and a number of other difficult dental issues. Because of our commitment to you and your entire family, Danville Family Dentistry is not viewed simply as just another Hendricks County dentist office. We are a member of your community. And we are all dedicated advocates for the dental health of every single one of our patients. In fact, we wouldn’t be one bit surprised if our patients invited us to pose in their annual family photos!