Strong teeth require strong and healthy enamel. Enamel, because of its hardness, is the most essential defense that the tooth has against bacteria and, as a consequence, the formation of cavities. However, other factors contribute to its weakening or loss of thickness.

So, how can the integrity of the enamel be maintained or strengthened? No medicine or product makes the enamel regenerate, so our experts at Danville Family Dentistry have a few recommendations to keep your teeth strong.


Proper Oral Hygiene for Strong Teeth


This is the most important measure for strong teeth since it focuses on the elimination of bacterial plaque and food debris that can cause damage to your enamel. Brush after every meal, without being excessive. In addition to brushing, floss must be used to clean between your teeth as well. Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Make sure not to use toothpaste that contains abrasive products (bicarbonate) and use only mouthwashes recommended by the dentist.  


Say No to Sugar


Sugar is the main enemy of tooth enamel since it helps bacteria grow and attack your tooth’s enamel. Brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking sugary treats and drinks.


Avoid Acidic Foods and Carbonated Drinks


Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits or vinegar, and carbonated beverages will attack tooth enamel. If you are eating a lot of acidic foods, make sure to neutralize the acids immediately by drinking water or milk to minimize damage.


Use Fluoride


One of the reasons for tooth enamel wear is, over time, is normal wear and tear from chewing. Fluoride replaces helps maintain the consistency and thickness of the enamel.


Eating the Right Foods for Strong Teeth


Your diet provides help in keeping your teeth strong. Food affects your weight, skin, hair, and yes, even your oral health. But did you know that certain foods that strengthen your teeth?

Here are some foods that strengthen your teeth.

  1. Nuts and almonds

Nuts and almonds strengthen your teeth due to their high levels of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. This makes them ideal foods when you want to re-mineralize your teeth and protect their enamel. It’s a natural way to help rebuild tooth enamel that’s been removed by highly acidic foods.

  1. Water

Water isn’t actually a food, but it is necessary for good health. In addition, it eliminates waste left by food, helps keep saliva levels high, and fights tooth decay. Remember that you should consume at least one and a half liters of water per day.

  1. Green tea

The green tea is another beverage that gives you strong teeth. It fights inflammation and infections caused by bacteria in your teeth. Several studies have shown that those who drink green tea often have better oral health than those who don’t. Remember that one cup of green tea is enough to fill you with antioxidants and take care of your teeth.

  1. Raisins

If you like candy but don’t want to risk your oral health, opt for raisins instead. They’re sweet and free of sucrose.

  1. Cheese

If you are one of those people who profess a great love for cheese, now you have another reason to enjoy it. Cheese raises the pH in your mouth and reduces the risk of cavities because, when chewing, the amount of saliva in your mouth increases. Cheese also contains calcium and protein, two nutrients that strengthen tooth enamel.

Also consider yogurt and green leafy vegetable to keep your teeth strong. If you’re ready to schedule your six-month check-up, call us today at 317-745-4400. We can’t wait to see your smile!

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.