Do you feel like it’s a struggle sometimes to get your children to brush their teeth? Even when you explain to them why they need to brush twice a day to have healthy teeth, do they still put up resistance? As a parent, tooth-brushing time can be really frustrating.
So, how do you make oral hygiene a bigger priority in their lives? Well, you have to make it more fun.

Tooth Brushing Fun Ideas

Here are few tips and tricks you can use to make tooth brushing fun for your kids:

  • Buy cartoon-inspired toothbrushes. Let your child pick out a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on it. Just make sure they pick a toothbrush that’s easy for them to hold, with a small, rounded head and soft bristles.
  • Purchase a tastier toothpaste. Toothpastes come in lots of flavors like bubblegum, grape and orange. Let your child choose a flavor they like. However, if you get a toothpaste with fluoride, only use a pea-sized amount on their toothbrush, since you don’t want your children swallowing the toothpaste.
  • Play follow the leader. Brush your teeth and then have your kids copy what you do. Be enthusiast as you brush your teeth. Show your kids how much fun it can be.
  • Make a game of it. Have them count as they brush each tooth – “Tooth number one is clean. Tooth number two is clean, etc.” Or, play show and tell. Show and tell them how you brush your upper teeth, then have them show you how they do it. If you have a smartphone, there are even apps available that make tooth brushing a fun game.
  • Bring a “friend” into the bathroom. Have your child pretend to brush their teddy bear’s teeth. Then have your child show their teddy bear how they brush their own teeth.
  • Make a sticker poster. Have your child help you create a poster for the bathroom wall. Each time your child brushes their teeth, they can add a sticker to the poster. After they get so many stickers, reward them with a fun treat (not candy related).
  • Call Danville Family Dentistry. If you can’t seem to get your older kids to care for their teeth regularly, let our office know before your child’s next checkup. Dr. Erickson can give your kids a motivational talk to encourage them to brush and floss every day.

Eventually, your child will learn that regular tooth brushing is important – and they may even start to enjoy doing it.
Do you have any tips you’ve used with your child to get them to regularly care for their teeth? We’d love to hear and share them with our Hendricks County patients.