If you are parenting young children, your daily priority is to somehow corral busy toddlers and keep them safe. Right? But Danville Family Dentistry of Hendricks County reminds you that it’s also important to introduce pediatric dental care when your child reaches two-and-a-half years of age.
Sometime between this age and a toddler’s third birthday, most kids have cut all of their baby teeth. Keeping baby teeth healthy is important since they hold space for your child’s permanent teeth. And decay in baby teeth can often increase the risk of decay in their permanent teeth.
Other parents might be forced to look for a Hendricks County dentist they don’t know, someone who has experience in pediatric dental care. But, because Danville Family Dentistry specializes in treating all the members of your family, from your inquisitive toddler to your grandma, you don’t have to shop for a children’s dentist. You will already trust that Danville Family Dentistry will treat your child with the same amount of professional care that we always offer you.
But to help make your toddler’s first pediatric dental care experience a positive one, here are some tips for preparing your child for her first dental visit:

  • When you bring your child to her first appointment, make sure to tell our staff about any medical conditions your child might have, along with any prescribed medications she might be taking. Keep handy the telephone number of your child’s pediatrician.
  • If your child has a sucking problem, involving anything from her thumb to a pacifier, bottle or blanket, remember to share that information with Dr. Jon Erickson. Sucking issues can affect your child’s teeth and jaw. Remember, too, that sleeping with a bottle of milk or juice can cause decay of your child’s baby teeth since bacteria and sugar stay in the mouth overnight.
  • Talk to your child about what to expect during her dental visit. By this age, your child should be familiar with brushing her teeth daily.

Schedule your toddler’s pediatric dental care visit by calling our Hendricks County office at 317.745.4400.