Like most things in life the technology and advancement of dentistry is constantly changing. Advancements in dentistry not only make our jobs easier, they improve patient care and outcome.
Many of the great advancements in modern dentistry have been seen in technology. One example of this would be the use of digital x-rays. Gone are the days of the traditional films with high doses of radiation. Now many dental offices have the equipment in each room to screen patients in their chair with a digital x-machine. Not only does this benefit the dentists use but it also is beneficial to the patient as it dispenses very small amounts of radiation. This technology allows for instant viewing of your mouth on the dentists computer screen. Once on the screen the image can be zoomed in to view areas that might be an issue.
Technology in the modern dentist office has not just gone to aid the dentist but to also make an enjoyable experience for the patient. This can look as basic as personalized televisions or headphones during your visit. More importantly the modern dentist office focuses on the ease of scheduling and friendly hours or to working seamlessly with a variety of different insurance companies.
Lastly, as the modern dental office focuses on the patient they focus on the patients satisfaction and overall outcomes above all else. Dr. Erickson and our team are dedicated to keeping Danville Family Dentistry practices modern, giving our patients the best possible care.
What changes have you seen in modern dentistry that makes your patient experience greater?