Mouth pain can be severe and interrupt your daily life. When dental pain or dental embarrassment keeps you from doing the things you enjoy it’s time to have it checked out. For some this can often come out of nowhere, creating an emergency dental surgery. For others the pain may be something that has lasted for weeks or months but it is something that’s simply been put off a bit too long. Many of these discomforts may also require oral surgery.
When pain of this nature arises it is important to give your primary dentist a call. (And keep in mind that many dentists do not perform oral surgeries in their office.)
At Danville Family Dentistry we have the expertise and technology to perform many of these surgeries right in the office. Dr. Erickson will help relieve the pain and fix the dental issues our patients may have. Unlike many other community dentist offices, this patient-centered focus can mean both cost savings and a better surgical experience. Our office provides outstanding care — close to home in a familiar setting — and at an affordable cost. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you would like a surgical consult with Dr. Erickson.