What is a dental care facility’s most important asset?
Is it the building? The must certainly be a place for the patients to be treated and the business to house its equipment, staff, and other assets. But that does not make it the most vital asset.
Perhaps it is the equipment? Good dentistry requires necessary utensils and apparatus in order to offer quality dental care. But again, that is not the most necessary component.
Surely, it must be the dentist… right? After all, he or she is the one providing the most professional services in the practice. Wrong again.
The most important asset for any dental care facility is the patient. Without dental patients, there is no dentistry. No need for the building, the equipment, or even a dentist. No one on whom to focus, no one to receive quality care, no one for whom to strive for excellence. At Danville Family Dentistry, you can be assured that we truly consider you, the patient, our most important asset.