You can set goals any time of the year – not just at the beginning of a new year. The staff at Danville Family Dentistry encourages everyone in your household to set reachable, healthy goals. And we’re not talking about the usual goals people make like buying a gym membership, so you can shed that last 10 pounds. We’re not talking about making a goal to read more books and watch less TV. We’re not even talking about gaining better organizational or time management skills.

Even though each of those examples are great goals for any of us to work toward achieving, your Hendricks County dental team hopes you and your loved ones will make serious goals about maintaining the health of your teeth! Because of today’s incredible consumption of soda and energy drinks, Danville Family Dentistry warns patients that too much soda can result in Hendricks County kids developing cavities. Too much soda can also be one of the reasons why gum disease no longer waits until middle age before it develops. Very often, this soft tissue inflammation can be detected in patients who aren’t yet past their fiftieth birthday!
Poor diet combined with poor dental hygiene results in destructive dental problems such as gum disease. So we hope you and your smile-loving relatives will get serious about your pearly whites. Please commit to these goals:

  • No matter your age, make it a goal to gently, but thoroughly, brush your teeth at least twice each day. Once in the morning before you start the day. And once at night before you crawl into bed.
  • Avoid putting babies and small children to bed with a bottle. Even if the bottle is filled with juice, please note the sugar content in it, and the fact that your child’s mouth is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Future baby teeth might be full of cavities.
  • Teach your kids to floss. And then, as the adult in the home, lead by example. Floss your teeth in the morning. Make a big deal out of flossing after meals. Unless there is a rule against it, send dental floss to school with your kids. Encourage them to floss after lunch.
  • Set regular teeth cleaning appointments at our Hendricks County office. Our staff keeps immaculate records regarding individual dental health. But when you commit to regular teeth cleaning, you help us help you.

By the middle of summer, you can be well on your way with your goals to develop good, preventative oral health habits this year!