Buck teeth or protruding teeth are apparent in appearance. The front upper teeth will be positioned in front of the bottom row of teeth. In mild cases of protruding teeth, the top may only stick out a few millimeters. However, there are severe cases where the front top teeth might stick out all the way over the bottom lip.

A couple of things can cause buck teeth. It could be a genetic or developmental issue, or it could be the result of correctible poor oral habits. The American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics has found that 15% of children from 12 to 15 have buck teeth in the United States.

Because it is such a noticeable characteristic, many people seek treatment early in life.

Causes of Buck Teeth

One reason your child may have buck teeth is that their jaws have grown in an imbalanced way. If the upper jaw is too big and the lower jaw is too small, the upper teeth must go somewhere. As they grow, they will automatically be positioned farther in front of the lower teeth.

Another reason that your child might have protruding teeth is that their teeth are simply too large for their mouths. Larger teeth will take up more space in a small mouth, making front teeth prominent and protruding.

There is one poor habit that could cause an otherwise healthy mouth and jaw to develop buck teeth. If your child is addicted to sucking on their thumb or a pacifier, it’s possible that their front teeth won’t grow in properly. Instead, the constant sucking motion will cause the front upper teeth to grow outward to accommodate the thumb or pacifier that is always in their mouth. If they stop soon enough, your child will still have a great chance at having their teeth grow in normally, but they’ll need to ditch the bad habit before the age of six or seven. If they can’t stop, your child could have permanent buck teeth.

Treatment of Buck Teeth

While Danville Family Dentistry doesn’t provide orthodontic services, we are the first to treat large or protruding teeth. You can call us at 317-745-4400. We’re happy to let you know if and when you need to be concerned and perhaps visit an orthodontist.

Here are some things that may be available as options if an orthodontist treats your child’s protruding teeth.

Effective treatment of buck teeth, or protruding teeth, can lead to a healthy smile and will improve the overall appearance and oral health of your child’s mouth. Although treatment for buck teeth may seem mostly cosmetic and done for appearance reasons, having the issue addressed is more serious than having a beautiful smile. Protruding teeth are more susceptible to damage and potential trauma that could lead to more expensive procedures in the future. Don’t risk your youngster’s pearly whites. Fill out our contact form today so we can help create a plan perfect for your child.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.