Many Hendricks County residents don’t go to the dentist because they think dental checkups, cleanings and other procedures cost more than they can afford. For this reason, Danville Family Dentistry offers our Smile Savings Plan, which makes dental care more affordable for people.
Our Smile Savings Plan is not dental insurance, but it’s for people who don’t have dental insurance. It is a patient-courtesy program that we offer to qualified patients as a way to provide them with routine dental care. For a low annual fee of $285, you can get the following services for one year:

  • 2 professional dental cleanings
  • 2 professional oral evaluations
  • 2 fluoride treatments for children ages 16 and under
  • Routinely scheduled X-rays

Additionally, you’ll receive 15% off of any other dental care provided by our Hendricks County office – that includes fillings, root canals or tooth extractions.

Smile Savings Plan vs. Other Expenses

When you compare the cost of the Smile Savings Plan with the cost of other common expenses most people make, you can really start to see how affordable our plan really is. For example, each year, the average American spends approximately:

  • $1,092 on coffee purchased at coffee shops and restaurants (Accounting Principals survey).
  • $300 on lottery tickets (North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries survey).
  • $850 on soft drinks (Time magazine).
  • $2,746 on lunches purchased outside the home (Visa survey).
  • $1,270 on beer (Survey Analytics’ study).
  • $1,226 on cell phone usage. This amount can be more if the household has more than one cell phone. (U.S. Department of Labor).
  • $773 on expanded basic cable, the most popular cable TV package (Federal Communications Commission).
  • $1,500 on cigarettes for the average smoker (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids).

The other thing to consider when evaluating the cost of dental care is that regular dental checkups can actually help you save money in the long run. Preventative dental care can help your dentist catch oral problems and treat them early on before the problem becomes a bigger, more expensive issue to treat. For example, during a routine checkup, Dr. Jon Erickson may determine you have a cavity that needs to be filled. However, if you wait and don’t come into our office until several months later, you may require a more extensive root canal.

Smile Savings Plan – Key to Good Oral Health

Regular dental checkups really are the key to maintaining good oral health. For an affordable cost, Danville Family Dentistry’s Smile Savings Plan can help you safeguard your oral health. Call our Hendricks County office today at 317-745-4400 for more information about our Smile Savings Plan and sign up today. We want to develop a personal relationship with you to keep your smile looking and feeling great.