Did you know that a lack of good oral health can contribute to the development and progression of various medical diseases and conditions? It’s true! However, we often think that what goes on in our mouths is separate from our overall health, but that’s not the case.
Poor oral health can increase your chances of having medical problems such as pregnancy complications, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and even cardiovascular disease. These associated risks are just another reason why it’s important to take care of your teeth and gums.
However, if you don’t have dental health insurance, you may put off visiting Danville Family Dentistry of Hendricks County for your biannual checkups. But our staff knows that’s not a good idea, so we’re pleased to offer members of our patient family with a solution – our Smile Savings Plan. While this plan isn’t an oral health insurance program, it does provide qualified individuals with a way to receive dental care by paying an annual fee instead of using dental insurance.
Dental services covered by the Smile Savings Plan include:

  • 2 professional dental cleanings.
  • 2 professional oral evaluations.
  • Routinely scheduled radiographs or X-rays.
  • 15% off any other dental care provided by our Hendricks County staff, including fillings, crowns, dentures and more.

The annual Smile Savings Plan membership cost is:

  • $275 for adults.
  • $275 for children (16 years and under), which also includes 2 fluoride treatments a year.

Don’t put make your oral health a low priority in your life and put your overall health at risk. Ask a Danville Family Dentistry team member for more details about the Smile Savings Plan today by calling 317-745-4400. After all, we don’t need any more Hendricks County residents suffering from medical conditions that can be prevented with better oral health care.