Remember when you were a kid and you lost a tooth. You were so excited to put your tooth under your pillow, because the Tooth Fairy would come to visit you while you slept and give you a quarter for your tooth.
Well, the days of getting a quarter for a tooth are over. It seems the Tooth Fairy’s purse got too heavy from carrying around all of those coins, so she decided she’s no longer giving out loose change in Hendricks County – or the rest of the U.S., for that matter.
According to a 2013 survey conducted by Visa, the Tooth Fairy’s going rate per tooth, on average, is $3.70. That’s a 23% increase from the rate of $3 in 2012 and a 42% spike from $2.60 in 2011.
Why do lost teeth command such high prices?
Well, it seems the Tooth Fairy, aka mom and dad, don’t want their little ones to feel slighted compared to what their friends are receiving. After all, no parent wants to explain why their child’s tooth is only worth 50 cents when their friend received $5.
Of course, how much the Tooth Fairy leaves also depends on where the child lives in the U.S. According to the Visa study, kids in the Northeast receive the most per tooth at $4.10. Children living in Western states get $3.70 per tooth while those from the South receive $3.60 a tooth. As for Midwestern kids (including those living in Hendricks County, Ind.), they receive the least at $3.30 per tooth. Interestingly, about 1 in 3 parents surveyed say the Tooth Fairy leaves a dollar or less. So, obviously the Tooth Fairy still has a stash of coins she’s trying to get rid of.
If you’re wondering what the current Tooth Fairy rate is in your area, ask the parents of your children’s friends what they’re giving. Or, you can check out the Tooth Fairy Calculator on Facebook. This app calculates how much parents in your age group, education level, income bracket and state are giving their kids.
As motivation for good dental hygiene, the Tooth Fairy could also tie in the amount she gives based on how often your child brushes and flosses their teeth. After all, you never know when the Tooth Fairy is watching to make sure your children are taking good care of their teeth.
And don’t forget to bring your children to Danville Family Dentistry of Hendricks County for a dental checkup every six months. By instilling good dental habits early in your children’s lives, the healthier your children’s mouths will stay as they grow older.