During the winter months, there are lots of reasons you might be uncomfortable. The cold weather brings dry skin, the heaviness of extra layers, and tight muscles. Some of us even experience pain or discomfort with our teeth! Exposure to cold may reveal some weakness or issues with your teeth that you hadn’t realized.


Much like exposure to cold foods or drinks, pain or discomfort can occur from teeth being exposed to cold weather. This can make being outdoors even more uncomfortable in times of cold! This is due to the fact that your teeth contract when exposed to the cold. Your enamel, which is the outer layer of each tooth, works to protect your teeth from the elements. When a tooth contracts (or expand when exposed to heat), this can cause cracks in your enamel. These cracks allow the cold to reach your dentin. The dentin of the tooth is very sensitive, so if cold touches it, you’re going to feel the pain!


Reasons Teeth Are Painful in Cold Weather


It’s important to pay attention to any dental pain or discomfort. There are many reasons why you might be experiencing pain when exposed to cold weather:

  • Tooth Decay

Sensitivity to cold may reveal tooth decay or cavities that haven’t yet been discovered. If you’re feeling the pain, it might be a good time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

  • Issues with Your Gums

Tooth sensitivity could be a sign that you could have unhealthy gums. Gum diseases can cause gums to recede, which expose more of the tooth to damage and decay. Cold weather could irritate the exposed teeth.

  • Damage Caused by Certain Food or Drink

Acidic or sugary food and drink can be harmful to your teeth. They break down the enamel and expose dentin, causing pain. Tobacco products can also damage your teeth and cause tooth decay. Any damage caused would increase sensitivity to the cold.

  • Your Dental Care Regimen

Are you brushing and flossing regularly? Seeing your dentist for routine checkups? If not, this could be a culprit in your sensitivity to cold weather. You could also be brushing too hard, which can damage tooth enamel. Tooth-whitening products also have the capability to damage your teeth. If you want whiter teeth, make sure to consult your dentist for a whitening plan that keeps your teeth healthy.


Relief for Cold Sensitivity in Your Teeth


You don’t have to suffer through the cold weather with your teeth sensitivity by wearing sweaters on your teeth. There are sensible options to help treat your teeth’s sensitivity to cold.


  • Toothpaste for Cold Sensitivity


Toothpaste and other dental products can be made specifically for teeth sensitivity, which can help in cold temperatures. Many of these products contain fluoride, which helps strengthen your teeth’s protective minerals.


  • Sealants

You may consider talking to your dentist about sealants. This treatment places a protective material over the tooth to help protect all of them from cold.


  • Check in with Your Health Care Providers


Sometimes cold sensitivity in your teeth has nothing to do with your actual teeth. The issue could have something to do with your jaw or sinuses. If your sinuses are in need of attention, you may experience cold sensitivity as a sign.


If you’re struggling with cold sensitivity or pain during the winter months, ask your dentist to help you identify the problem. At Danville Family Dentistry, we can help find the issue as well as find a solution to keep your mouth healthy and comfortable. Call us at 317-745-4400 today!


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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.