Not that many years ago, there were no more than a couple of family doctors in Hendricks County communities. There was no such thing as an immediate care clinic, either. So if the doctor was unavailable, those who felt under the weather visited the emergency room of a nearby hospital. The same was true of all other needs in Hendricks County communities. One hardware store, one or two service stations, and usually no more than a couple of dentists to choose from, and toothpaste? It wasn’t so common either. In so many ways, those were simpler days. With so many options in today’s world, the staff at Danville Family Dentistry is humbled that you choose us. We appreciate and respect the fact that, of all your many choices, you trust our dental team to care for your family’s dental needs.

If you walk into most stores today, and you will find the toothpaste aisle filled with an abundance of toothpaste. The options are endless. Then take a walk through the housekeeping aisle. Take a long gander at the rows of cleaning supplies. What if the friendly, professional dental team at Danville Family Dentistry told you that you can actually kill two birds with one stone? Non-gel toothpaste doesn’t only come in handy on your pearly whites, it also has great household uses:

  • Clean up leather shoes by dabbing non-gel toothpaste on the leather. Rub it in with a soft cloth, then wipe off the concoction with a damp cloth.
  • Use non-gel toothpaste to clean the bottom plate on your clothes iron. But make sure it is cool before you do!
  • Shine your beloved jewelry with the family tube of toothpaste.
  • To clean the bathroom mirror, cover it with non-gel toothpaste and then wipe clean.
  • After cleaning the bathroom mirror, squirt toothpaste in the bathroom sink. It leaves a refreshing scent around the drain trap.
  • When the grandkids get too artistic with crayons, use toothpaste to scrub it off the wall.
  • Did an ink pen drip on your shirt? Did you smear lipstick on your blouse while pulling it over your head? Never fear. The non-gel toothpaste is here! Rub it vigorously on the stained areas, then rinse and repeat as necessary.

And speaking of cleaning things, make sure you schedule your routine teeth cleaning with the dental team at Danville Family Dentistry. Call us today at 317-745-4400 for an appointment at our Hendricks County office.