The holidays have arrived in full force here in Danville, Indiana! There’s no doubt you’re feeling the frenzied activity of the season.  With gifts to buy, parties to attend, trips to plan, family and friends to entertain and more, it is easy to allow dental care to fall to the back of your mind. But there is good reason to consider scheduling your dental appointments before the new year arrives: to take full advantage of your year-end dental insurance benefits.
Most dental insurance deductibles reset at the beginning of the year. So if you haven’t met or are close to meeting your yearly deductible, now is the perfect time to schedule dental care. And if you have extensive immediate dental needs, getting treatment taken care of now will go toward your benefit limits (yearly maximums) so that you can have a fresh start in 2013. Be sure to check your dental insurance benefit information carefully as some benefits may change or be narrowed for the next benefit year.
Whether you require a regular dental check-up or restorative work, Dr. Jon Erickson and his gifted staff are ready and willing to take care of your needs! Come see us now to make the most of your dental insurance benefits.