We may not have jet packs or flying cars in the year 2020, but we do have some exciting and innovative ways to inspire your children to brush their teeth.

Oral care enthusiasts are cheering for the newest game joining the Pokémon family. Pokémon Smile is a new tool for parents who need some help getting the kids to brush their teeth. This product gamifies oral care using augmented reality (AR). The free mobile game uses your phone’s camera and instructs children to brush their teeth thoroughly for Pokémon points, photo stickers, and more.

But you don’t have to rely on a mobile AR app to inspire your children to brush their teeth. Here are five ways to help your tot’s teeth stay clean and healthy.


  1. Hand over control

Children love having control over important decisions in their lives because they don’t have much say in their day-to-day lives. However, if you hand the toothbrushing reins over to them, you might be surprised at what they’re capable of.

Inspire your children to brush their teeth by letting them choose their own toothbrush. There are so many options on drugstore shelves and online that your child will surely find something exciting. If they choose a toothbrush with a cartoon character or superhero, you can pretend toothbrush time is time they get to spend with their favorite fictional character. For extra decision-making empowerment, allow your child to choose their toothpaste as well.


  1. Reward them

Most parents aren’t above bribery, especially when it comes to the nighttime routine. Use a chart to reflect each time they brush their teeth in the morning and at night. Use stickers to track their progress.

Give them control over something else: their reward! For example, every week (the full seven days) your child brushes morning and night, they get to choose a new mobile game. Perhaps you can let them select what movie to watch at the next family movie night. The options for rewards are endless, and you know your children better than anyone. Effective rewards are a great way to inspire your children to brush their teeth.


  1. Brush together

Little ones love imitating their parents. This is a great way to add some special bonding time as well. Every morning and evening share your oral health routine with the kids. Brush together while enjoying each other’s company and teaching them proper brushing techniques. Show them the appropriate way to hold the toothbrush, where to brush, how much pressure to use (not a lot!), and how to clean up afterward. They’ll love feeling like a grown-up after imitating mom or dad.


  1. Use the mirror

Being a small child can be frustrating in ways that adults may not remember. Make sure that your children can see themselves in the mirror while they floss and brush. Additionally, make sure they can reach the tap on their own. This is another small bit of control you can hand over, making them feel responsible and grown-up. Plus, if you make them tall enough to see themselves and to reach the sink, that means they’re tall enough to clean up after themselves. Double bonus!


  1. Visit the dentist regularly

Let us help you teach your children all about the best oral care methods. By regularly visiting our friendly crew at Danville Family Dentistry, your children will learn that dentists are friends, not foes. It also helps them feel empowered when the dentist speaks directly to them, explaining everything that’s happening during an appointment.

More knowledge equals less fear, and this is a significant step to inspire your children to brush their teeth. Turn the dentist visit into a party, and not something to dread. Remember, little ears hear everything, so always speak positively about dental visits to lessen any fears.

Are your children ready for their next checkup? Now is the time to make an appointment. Our calendar is filling up fast, so call us today at 317-745-4400.

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.