You need your teeth cleaned; you go to a dentist. You have a toothache; you go to a dentist. You think you might have a cavity; you go to dentist. This is what is referred to as general dentistry. It means that this type of provider can meet most of your general dental needs. These include check-ups, cleanings, bite and periodontal evaluations, x-rays, fillings, and repair work, as well as some specialized services. A dentist search should lead you to someone who can provide a multitude of dental services in one location.
At Danville Family Dentistry, we do perform general dentistry services. But we are more than that. The emphasis here is on family dentistry. Does that mean we can provide those services to your whole family? Absolutely: we see patients of all ages, from young children to senior citizens. We want to make your family’s dental experiences as convenient as possible. But we also want you to enjoy the close-knit, respectful, family environment we strive for here. That is why we put it right there in our name: Danville FAMILY Dentistry. We want you to be able to say we treat you and your family like … well, like family!