Danville Family Dentistry knows that Hendricks County brides and grooms want to celebrate their wedding with a beautiful smile. But, what if your smile is less than perfect? What if you have discolored, misshapen, unevenly spaced, or missing teeth? What can you do to make your smile more attractive?
Below are some possible solutions to help you improve your smile before your wedding, so your teeth are pearly white when you say your vows and pose for photos.

Solution #1: Teeth Whitening

Over time, coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco products, and certain medications can discolor your teeth. Before whitening your teeth at home with over-the-counter products, talk to Dr. Jon Erickson to determine which products may work best for you. Always make sure to use a whitening product that carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Since most over-the-counter whitening products will only lighten your teeth a shade or two, if you have more stubborn stains, Dr. Erickson may recommend that you use a custom mouthpiece tray with whitening solution. He can prepare this treatment, so you can use it at home over 2 to 4 weeks. However, if you want a faster, more professional, teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Erickson can whiten your teeth in his office, using a higher peroxide solution and a UV light.

Solution #2: Composite Fillings

If you have amalgam or silver fillings, you may want to replace them with composite fillings. Composite resin fillings look more natural since the material is matched to the color of your teeth. If you have silver filling in a front tooth, you’ll notice an immediate improvement to your smile when it’s replaced with a composite filling.

Solution #3: Crowns

A crown is a treatment procedure that covers a tooth that’s discolored, misshapen, or broken. A tooth-colored crown is made of metal alloys, ceramics, porcelain, composite resin, or a combination of materials. It covers the affected tooth, helping to restore its shape, size, and function while improving its appearance. Plus, a crown can help Hendricks County brides and grooms prevent further tooth breakage and keep bacteria from getting into the tooth, which can cause more decay, potential infections, and pain.

Solution #4: Bonding

During the bonding procedure, tooth-colored composite resin is shaped and attached directly to your teeth. It’s then polished to match your surrounding teeth. Bonding can improve the appearance of chipped, broken, stained, or cracked teeth. It can also be used to close spaces between your teeth.

Solution #5: Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is a thin shell made of porcelain that covers the front of your tooth. Unlike bonding, the veneers are made in a laboratory with a customized mold. When the veneer is applied, a small amount of enamel from the tooth must be removed to fit the shell. Veneers can help close gaps in the teeth, correct small misalignments, chips, and fractures, and brighten the color of your teeth.

Solution #6: Dental Implants

Dental implants can permanently replace any missing teeth you may have. A titanium rod is surgically implanted into your jawbone to provide a sturdy anchor of a crown. A dental implant can replace a single tooth. Or, they can be used to mount bridges and dentures, so they won’t slip or shift in your mouth. Dental implants are a long-term solution for restoring your smile.

Contact Danville Family Dentistry to Restore Your Smile

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.