In the U.S. – including Hendricks County– children miss over 51 million hours of school every year because of dental problems. While it’s probably not surprising that dental issues keep kids away from school (after all, who wants to study when your teeth hurt?), the number of hours missed may be unexpected. Preventive dental care can help keep your child’s mouth healthy, so he or she doesn’t miss as much school.
Unfortunately, studies have shown that children who miss school due to toothaches are 4 times more likely to have lower grades. A major reason many of these children are absent from school due to dental issues is the fact that their parents don’t have access to dental care. In fact, more than 20 million children in the U.S. – including many from Hendricks County – don’t have dental insurance. So they just don’t go to the dentist until it becomes absolutely necessary because their child is in a lot of pain. The fact that tooth pain causes all these lost school days is just unfortunate. since tooth decay, which is the #1 chronic childhood illness, can be avoided with preventive dental care.
At Danville Family Dentistry, we want to help. We realize many Hendricks County families don’t have access to dental insurance. With our Smile Savings Plan, your children (ages 16 and under) can receive 2 professional oral evaluations, 2 dental cleanings, 2 fluoride treatments and regularly scheduled X-rays each year. They’ll also receive 15% off other dental procedures, like tooth extractions and fillings, provided by Dr. Jon Erickson and our staff, if needed. The cost to join the Smile Savings Plan is only $275 a year for each child. That’s only about 75 cents a day to ensure your child receives preventive dental care.
If you have children 16 years or older, we offer a Smile Savings Plan for them as well. For the same cost ($275 a year), they can also receive 2 professional oral exams, 2 dental cleanings and regularly scheduled X-rays a year – just minus the fluoride treatments.
Help keep your child’s mouth healthy with preventive dental care, so they don’t miss school and fall behind in their academic performance. Sign up for Danville Family Dentistry’s Smile Savings Plan today by calling 317.745.4400.